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Built the largest capacity impregnation facility in Korea (Ø5000x4500)

Vacuum Pressure Impregnation System

Full Automation, Micro Processor based control
Commercial Pressurization 7kgf / ㎠ Maximum Pressurization 10kgf / ㎠
Maximum vacuum 0.1 Torr
Korea's largest capacity impregnation tank for 1% of Korea
Full automation from pre-drying to impregnation (real-time data recording temperature / pressure / vacuum / viscosity check)
Hansung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. V.P.I. Advantages of SYSTEM

Maximize coil cooling
Extension of stable insulation life
Corona and cracks, inhibition of pore generation
Keep insulation insensitive to moisture and pollution
Reduction of coil vibration due to varnish sticking
Improved quality