Talent & Benefits
It is HanSung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., a company that values people.
Hansung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. We are developing into a future-oriented company through human resources development.
Support receipt is received from SARAMIN.

Based on our belief in the future of the company, we are responsible for the company and its customers.
A person who continually strives to achieve goals beyond failure or failure.
Those who share direction and actively cooperate with other organizations to enhance synergy from the perspective of the entire company
Those who are not obsessed with existing accidents but look at problems with new perspectives and who apply new thinking and actions to practice in order to overcome current achievements
A person who understands global business based on flexible thinking and develops global-level expertise
We must do what we need to do by our own judgment and practice, and we will accomplish what we are doing without any difficulty.

HanSung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. supports the following welfare and welfare system to ensure stable living based on the corporate culture of "family".

Long-term employee salary system implemented

Long-term employee awards

Annual vacation

Holidays and vacations: annual leave, formal holidays, summer vacations, etc.

Apply 4 insurance

National pension, health insurance, employment insurance, industrial accident compensation insurance

Severance pay

Employee retirement pay

Carry out medical examination every year

Money gift for family event

Payment for holiday duty

Allowance for holiday work

Providing various facilities

In-house restaurant operation support
Dormitory Support
Birthday cake payment
Cloth payment