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HANSUNG Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.'s new challenge by Strengthening future capability and technology development !!
Since its foundation in 1993, HANSUNG Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. has started electric motor and pump repair business and electric installation business mainly focusing on power generation companies and industrial facilities until today. For over 20 years, HANSUNG has dedicated a lot of effort to meet customer satisfaction and as a result, it has been growing as a specialized company of electric motors and pumps.
Development of metro traction motors requiring the highest reliability

HANSUNG Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. developed metro traction motors in 2010 based on the technology and experience gained through the repair of electric motors and pumps. Metro traction motors have been produced exclusively by top-class companies for the highest reliability. HANSUNG Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. has been awarded the best reliability and technical power by supplying self-developed traction motor.
Registered as a qualified supplier to supply new motor and pump products

HANSUNG Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. has been recognized as a qualified company to manufacture and deliver electric motors and pumps to electric power companies in 2011, and has been producing and supplying electric motors and pumps in earnest. In addition, repair projects limited to motor and pump departments have expanded its business scope to the large generator sector.

HANSUNG Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. acquired the Motor and Pump Division of ILJIN Motor Co., Ltd. in February 2014, and grew into a representative industry motor and pump enterprise in Korea. Moreover, in April 2014, we entered into a technical alliance with Japan TMEIC, a global company, to expand our business scope and further strengthen our technological capabilities.
We are a total solution provider as a professional in motors, pumps, and generators.

HANSUNG Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. will expand its business scope by repairing and manufacturing electric motors and pumps as well as distribution panels and generators, and will grow into a specialized manufacturer of rotating machines.

HANSUNG Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. will continue to be focused in research and development, providing total solutions to customers from design to commissioning, and be competitive among the world’s first-class enterprises.
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