Personnel system
It is HanSung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., a company that values people.
Hansung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. We are developing into a future-oriented company through human resources development.

Position system

  1. We operate a personnel system focused on the ability of members to demonstrate their full potential.
  2. Employee → manager → agent → manager → manager → manager → executive

Performance appraisal 

  1. Two times during the first half of the year
  2. Achievement / Ability / Deportment

Awards system

  1. Awards: Best Employees, Excellent Employees, Achievement Awards, Appreciation Awards, etc.

Working hours and holidays / vacations

  1. Working Hours: Weekdays (08:30 - 17:30) / Saturdays (Closed)
  2. Holidays and vacations: annual leave, formal holidays, summer vacations, etc.