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Diagnostic items

Hansung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Made and patented product

1. Ultraviolet Detector: Detect ultraviolet rays generated by electrical defects and measure intensity and frequency
2. Infrared Detector: It detects the infrared rays generated by electrical defects and implements them on the user's screen. It compares the temperature information of the top 10 spots with the automatic display of the highest temperature. 3. Actual Image Acquisition Unit: Collecting the diagnosis object as a real image and using it as a report, field photograph and evidence
4. Easy to replace battery by designing the side view of battery 4 5. User screen: Displays and displays the DB that has been detected and measured in ultraviolet, infrared, and real images and provides the storage function.
6. Set-up window to perform image correction and adjustment, up to 10 temperature markers, etc. Various other details can be added according to customer and diagnostic needs. 7. Uv Chart: Window to detect and display ultraviolet rays generated by corona, arcing, tracking, etc.
8. Infrared and digital cameras can be selected and displayed on the screen.