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It is possible to clearly determine the turn-off state of the generator rotor.

R.S.O. Test (Repetitive Surge Oscillogram or Recurrent Surge Oscillogram)

1. Apply a step pulse of approximately 8 ~ 10 (V) alternately to both ends of the rotor coil to connect the oscilloscope to both ends of the coil. The applied pulse and reflected waveform are overlapped or separated from each other to check whether the waveform matches Test method to find short circuit layer in coil group.
2. Compare the phase of each waveform to determine which coil group position is short-circuited.
3. If the rotor coil is sound, the waveforms are overlapped. If there is a short-circuit between the layers, the two waveforms are different. The more the interlayer short-circuit, the larger the difference in waveform.